McIlmoyle & Associates. Animal Nutrition and Agricultural Consultants.
Here are some areas in which we have been able to assist our clients:

Advice on all aspects of animal production and management systems to achieve desired levels of performance.

Practical advice in solving dairy herd health and productivity problems. This involves working closely with the Veterinary Surgeon on the farm to identify health and performance problems and resolving them with practical solutions.

Feed formulation service, including advice and selection of raw materials and formulations for complete diet feeders to suit animal performance targets and silage quality on your farm.

Advice on all aspects of mineral nutrition, including the specification of mineral and vitamin supplements and free access minerals.

Selection, evaluation and quality control of raw materials. Laboratory services are available, if necessary.

Providing speakers for farmers meetings to discuss all aspects of animal nutrition, forage quality and utilisation, feeding and management.

Advice on resolving on-farm disputes and claims, including the preparation of detailed reports for litigation purposes and providing the legal profession, courts and tribunals with expert opinion.

Some More Services:

• Litigation & Legal Reports

• Agricultural Impact Assessments

• Waste Management Exemptions

• HACCP Implementation

• Quality Assurance

• Animal Nutrition

• Feed Formulation

• Recruitment


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