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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance of animal feedstuffs has moved a long way from the days of random sampling and analysis of finished product to ensure compliance with animal feedingstuff legislation.

Quality assurance is now largely based on a Code of Practice, such as the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS).

The implementation of UFAS into a feedmill requires:-

Management commitment.

Adequate staff time and adequate resources, including capital expenditure, if necessary, to eliminate potential hazards identified during a risk assessment.

On-going time and commitment from both staff and management, to ensure that procedures are followed and records are maintained.

An independent audit prior to approval, followed by ongoing annual audits.

Animal feed compounders and their suppliers have been trained and coached in the implementation of UFAS, minimising staff time and resources dedicated to ensuring a successful UFAS approval in the shortest possible time. Staff training is provided to ensure responsibilities are known and understood, including the training of hauliers contracted to collect/deliver raw materials and finished product, within the guidelines set down under the Road Haulage Code of Practice.

Quality assurance within the animal feed chain includes the maintenance of suitable standards for the storage of raw materials destined for animal feed production. Since 2000, we have audited stores used for the storage of animal feed raw materials and provided advice to ensure compliance under the Code of Practice for the Storage of Animal Feed Raw Materials & Combinable Crops.

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