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Feed Formulation

A Nutrition Service is surely a small price to pay for peace of mind, bearing in mind overall feed costs
for the winter.

Formulation of Diets

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You will not be invoiced until you receive your diets. If you have any queries, please feel free to
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Based on the average time spent setting up each farm’s animal performance data, raw material prices and silage quality specifications, formulating the diets and telephone time spent discussing queries on diets, silage quality, raw material prices, mineral specification etc, a fully independent nutritional service will be available to you for a very reasonable, all-in, flat rate fee (please call for latest price). Given the current high cost of raw materials, can you afford not to have your winter diets properly balanced, to ensure optimum performance at minimum cost.

This cost must been seen in context of the overall feed bill for your farm. Taking grass silage at £15/t, the total winter feed bill for 100 cows is in excess of £35,000. Proper supplementation of silage and other home-grown feeds to ensure peak performance and optimum utilisation, can help to reduce that bill. For a modest investment, independent nutritional advice is available at the end of the phone. A visit to the farm can also be arranged to discuss particular requirements in more detail.

Please call for
a quotation.

Good independent nutritional advice is often difficult to get - due either to a lack of experience or profit motives. I look forward to providing you with advice to suit your individual farm circumstances and requirements this winter.


Satisfied Customers
Locally grown maize silage has featured in diets for the herd over several winters but increasing price has forced a rethink, particularly if quality this year may be suspect. Lower raw material prices have also been a factor in dropping maize from the diet this year. Where home-grown forages make up a major proportion of the diet balancing for adequate protein and minerals to cover deficiencies is vital. The rolling 12 month average for milk protein has been maintained at 3.32%. Over the summer, yields have averaged over 27 litres, with the result that herd performance has averaged 7500 litres. Performance (daily live-weight gains and feed conversion) in the pure Holstein and Holstein X Continental bull beef enterprise has been outstanding, with low feed costs ensuring that the system remains profitable. However, decoupling will no doubt bring a rethink re finishing Holstein bulls. This will be our 14th winter using Dr McIlmoyle’s nutritional services and we find his independent advice and depth of experience invaluable when it comes to reducing costs and improving performance. This winter, the improvement in silage quality, combined with lower raw material costs, will make reformulation of diets essential if costs are to be minimised.
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